For reinforcement of monolithic concrete structures
Our work principles

We specialize in efficient 3D reinforcement modeling to help contractors achieve build-ready (LOD400) levels of accuracy, as well as detailed reinforcement design and documentation for all types of buildings. Challenges associated with strict deadlines and adapting to project changes and information requests can lead to coordination errors, document inconsistencies, communication gaps, and ineffective information transfer. As a result, this can lead to excessive consumption of materials and resources, delays in detailing reinforcement, and a decrease in the quality of construction documentation. However, by efficiently communicating data to production teams and seamlessly sharing information between project participants, we strive to achieve savings throughout the project lifecycle.

With extensive experience, we offer detailed and precise reinforcement designs to suit the specific needs of each project. We place special emphasis on 3D rebar detailing, rebar drawings and specifications, and accurate rebar quantity estimating.
Our portfolio
We all know that for a family, a home is a place of security and always a major investment. That is why we pay special attention to these unique projects and, through our services, our company ensures the construction of structurally sound individual homes.
A multi-story building is always a pleasure to work on, and by ensuring optimal reinforcement placement and adherence to industry standards, our goal is to contribute to the construction of safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing multi-family buildings that will stand the test of time.
Commercial buildings
Commercial buildings also require careful design considerations and special care during rebar drawing work, especially when dealing with high traffic (or moving loads). We do not allow any aspect of the “working” state of the structure to be missed.
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We have extensive experience in providing reinforcement drawings for warehouse buildings, which typically cater to the need for work to be completed in a shorter time frame than other types of construction. We carry out our work accurately, quickly and accurately.
We also specialize in providing expert solutions for factories in commercial settings. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, we create meticulous valve drawings tailored to each plant's unique requirements.
We are committed to providing exceptional valve design services that ensure the successful implementation of custom projects with an emphasis on maximum precision and quality of finished work.